Monday Nights 7-8pm! 

BarreBody is Beyond The Barre's signature class in two Acts. Act 1; Warm-up at the barre and then it's time to condition those legs with ballet inspired moves all set to orchestral music. Act 2; A little more up-beat with a change of music pace incorporating bums and tums.


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Classic Barre

Are you a Ballet Lover who wants to feel like they’re on the stage of the Royal opera House?

Did you do ballet growing up and want to get back in to it again after years out?

Join us for our Classic Barre classes, a ballet inspired class, that will leave you feeling like a ballerina

Saturday Mornings 10:45-11:45am

Just £12.50

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Barre X

Barre X is Beyond The Barres upbeat workout class. Accelerate your muscles in an invigorating, innovative combination to promote strength and flexibility. 


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Craig Turbyfield

The unsung hero of the gym roster is the lowly stretch class . Repeatedly passed over for spin and boot camp, stretching can prevent injuries, relieve tension, improve alignment and has other health benefits. ... MELT, which uses a long foam roller, is one of the biggest-name stretch methods in New York.


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