Show the Christmas Turkey Who's Boss

Blow away the Christmas blues and fight off that extra cut of turkey it is inevitable you’re going to eat, with some new and exciting classes joining the Beyond The Barre London Family!

Hold onto your seats and get ready for an exciting ride


‘BarreBody’ is replacing our ‘Classic Barre’ classes starting in January 2019. It will become Beyond The Barre London’s signature class, Set to the beat of classical music, this ballet inspired class uses isometric ballet and Pilates strength training techniques to build and strengthen your core and create long, lean muscles.

“It will become the Barre Class for Ballet lovers without having to be an expert ballet dancer or owning ballet shoes”

Just bring yourself, a pair of grippy socks, and a positive mind and be ready for an innovative combination of the classic barre workout everyone knows so well, and ballet moves from an experienced, professional ballet dancer.



currently only run on Saturday mornings, Barre X has been an extremely popular class. Now, we’re making it more accessible for everyone and introducing Barre-Xpress, a 45 minute, shortened version of our Barre X strength and conditioning class, but by no means less intense. Starting up during the week as well as the weekend it is the perfect class for those who are short on time before work, between work or travelling home, feel the burn, see the results. Starting in January 2019, we will be making you work early mornings, in your lunch breaks and on your way home to pick up the children.



A new exciting new class doing something that Beyond The Barre London hasn’t done before, focusing on sculpting your core muscles, targeting both the back and front of your core, strengthening your spine, and toning your glutes, tums, legs and bums.

When you’re at the gym do you always finish with an abs workout using kettle bells and resistance bands?

Do you always finish on a mat in the corner of a gym relentlessly doing sit ups until you can’t move?

Squeeze will incorporate all of this and more, but don’t expect to be lying on a yoga mat comfortably for 45 minutes, Each exercise is performed at three different tempo variations which will enable full muscle fibre recruitment to help strengthen the muscle and improve range of movement.


Classic Barre Masterclasses

Beyond the Barre Londons current signature class, ‘Classic Barre’, is getting an upgrade. Introducing Classic Barre Masterclasses, Royal Ballet School style: Bi-Weekly or Monthly themed ballet classes run by Craig Turbyfield or other professional ballet dancers.

You’ll need to know a little bit of what you’re doing for this class, bring your ballet flats and be prepared for an hour and a half of ballet training.

Perform magical ballets like Symphony In C, The Nutcracker and La Bayadere, in line with the Royal Opera House’s schedule, learning a segment of the beautiful moves the ballerinas will be performing on stage.

“If you love going to the Royal Opera House to watch the ballet wishing you were the one up on stage dancing beautifully, then you’ll love this class, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to turn their ballet passion into a hobby”

Starting with the perfect seasonal ballet, The Nutcracker, come and join us for a magical evening, starting off warming up at the barre, and then performing like the real ballet dancers on stage.


Times and Full Schedule will be announced soon! Keep an eye out on our blog and instgram, we can’t wait to see you at the barre soon!